AirAsia Celebrates Launch of Langkawi Travel Bubble

AirAsia is introducing new ride-hailing services on the island of Langkawi to celebrate the airline’s first flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi.
The debut flight on an Airbus A321neo, which departed KLIA2 at 0950 hours, departed with a 100% flight load, showing that domestic air transport is enjoying a resurgence.
Outside of Kuala Lumpur, AirAsia flies to Langkawi four times a week (63 weekly flights), with other destinations offered by AirAsia, including Penang (14 flights per week), Johor Bahru (7 flights per week), Ipoh (3 flights per week) and Kota Bharu (3 flights per week), for a total of 90 weekly flights.
Every aircraft is operated with a 100% fully vaccinated crew. To keep the highest safety standards in place, rigorous health measures and robust processes are in place to protect passengers and crew.
AirAsia’s ground-based e-hailing service started, offering passengers a wider selection of providers, lower pricing, and a secure trip with a 100% completely vaccinated driver fleet.
LADA is a government body tasked with supporting tourism and economic recovery on the island of Langkawi, which makes this event especially significant for AirAsia, the AirAsia Super App CEO added.
Check-in for flights, schedule a taxi from the airport, and discover great discounts on hotels and more, all from the AirAsia Super App.
Due to better costs and delivery, by the middle of next month, tourists will be able to shop duty-free and get their purchases delivered on the same day at unbeatable value, along with island-wide and same-day delivery for Langkawi hotels, using the AirAsia Super App.


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